About Us

smiling elderly man and his grandson

The mission of KAYD is to Take Step’s Together with clients and their family members as we assist individuals with independent living arrangements and provide supportive services.
KAYD is committed to providing active support services through teaching and modeling day to day lifestyle choices, actions and activities. With our emphasis on individualized support services, we work diligently to ensure all individuals we work with meet their highest potential for independence.

We are committed to providing a network of person-centered support to individuals with Development Disabilities, as well as the elderly in our society. We custom all our services to the individual needs and aspirations of our clients, making sure they’re able to live an independent and enhanced quality of life at home.

We believe each individual should be given the opportunity to choose a lifestyle that reflects his or her personal preferences. We are committed to providing quality support and assistance to these individuals, allowing them to actively participate in living their lives and reaching for their dreams to the fullest extent.

Who are we?

Kayd Home Care, LLC strives to become a lot of things to a lot of people, especially those who are in need of quality care and support at home.

We are your loved one’s medical coordinator, providing them with superior medical care services and solutions at home by coordinating with family members and health care specialists.

We provide assistance with medication administration, making sure your loved ones are able to take their prescribed medication at the right time.

We have First Aid and CPR Instructors who train our dedicated team of professionals, enhancing their skills so they may be of better service to our clients and the rest of the community.

At Kayd Home Care, LLC, we require our care professionals to regularly undergo advanced training and seminars, ensuring our client’s top-notch services at all times.

Our agency is a safe and drug-free workplace. We make sure our applicants go through the most extensive of screening tests that include criminal background checks.

What we do

Kayd Home Care, LLC is committed to:

  • Monitoring the safety and health needs of patients and ensure the welfare and full rights of each individual.
  • Offering flexible hours to accommodate staffing needs.
  • Building our patients’ socialization skills by letting them participate in fun community activities.
  • Supervising, assisting, and teaching individuals personal care skills that allow them to take matters of their care into their own hands.

KAYD Home Care has an enduring dedication to preserve the dignity and enhance the quality of life of those who have been touched by challenges in life.

KAYD opened its doors in 2015 to serve individuals with physical, emotional, and cognitive disabilities and provide Homecare in Bismarck, North Dakota.
Our mission is to ensure all individuals have access to support services.
We will do our utmost to make that happen for any individual seeking support services with KAYD
KAYD takes pride in not let-ting policies get in the way of serving people.

Service Rates

KAYD strives to provide high quality In Home Services services at rates families can afford.  Whether your family needs full-time or part-time support KAYD will work to meet your needs.

Our Care Coordinator meets with families to understand your needs. After discussing the services KAYD has available a service plan outlining services and care costs will be provided.

For more information about Supportive Services in Bismarck, North Dakota, feel free to contact our staff at any time. Call us at 701-255-0300 or send a message to clerical@kaydhomecare.com.